Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bummin: istambay habang buhay

since i've had a lot of time on my hands, i've had the grand opportunity to discover and rediscover some music artists i've been lovin' of late.

"discovered" :
-brendan james (via rachael ray's tv show (!))[have a listen to "stupid for your love"--so clever!]
-william fitzsimmons (whatta voice!)

-keane (specifically the album "hopes and fears)
-onerepublic (absolutely love "say (all i need)")
-lady danville

lovin coz of a new record out:
-sara bareilles (kaleidoscope heart)
-brooke fraser (flags)

unconventional "like":
-linkin park's "waiting for the end"---the video is pretty amazing


that's about it for the meantime :)

ps-finally after 25 yr., i have carved a pumpkin/"punkin"! of course, i carved a panda face :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


streaming flags on www.brookefraser.com now. come on, let's have a listen :)
so excited for this musical delight's talent. love ya, brooke!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


discovered today at the farmers' market's "tacqueria"::: sidral mundet's apple soda yumminess :)

Stairway to Heaven
(as digg dubbed it. this is in japan's ''natagiri pass'')
did one of those "randomize your playlist survey" thingies. results of "The Soundtrack of My Life":::

Opening Credits: Glorious One- Hillsong London

Waking Up:Lonestar- Norah Jones

First Day At School:I’ve Got to See You Again-Norah Jones

Falling In Love:Harana- OPM: not sure kung e-heads ba or pne...

Fight Song:Breathless-Corinne

Breaking Up:The Reason- Hoobastank

Prom:Take Me There- Mya/Blackstreet

Life:Piano Variation In Blue---Finding Neverland

Mental Breakdown:Sore Eyes- Brandon Heath

Driving:Where Is Your Heart---Kelly

Flashback:Prologue-Lynn Ahrens

Getting back together:Borrowed Heaven-The Corrs

Wedding:Peggy Gordon- The Corrs

Birth of Child: Came to the Rescue-Hillsong [by far, my FAVORITE result!!]

Final Battle:Selah- Hillsong

Death Scene:Key to My Life- Boyzone

Funeral Song:No Scrubs- TLC

End Credits:Tied Down- Colbie

Oh well, not many really fit...but twas fun :D


moment of cool: