Thursday, September 30, 2010


what's here? i'll get on with that a little later...
this morning, i went on my and my friend's weekly walk to go "exploring" around the city. our latest site, the new: kaw river state park. we went "adventuring" through the woods on a trail and ended up at the railroad tracks. naturally, we went along the tracks swearing we could hear a train approaching, yet proceeding along the tracks nonetheless. i felt like a kid, off gallivanting with a buddy :) FUN! i saw the cutest wee froggy and two animal skeletons....

anyhoo,! i know it's about a couple of years old, but i♥it loads. i just ordered it....hmmm....MONDAY!!!! sooo speedy :D it was cheaper to buy off of amazon than popping into hastings to buy it (plus the driving/gas consumed....). currently listening to and enjoying it at the moment of blogging. i was playing josh groban's 'noel' album on my way to my friend's with whom i walk.

~*Christmas*~ is in the air~~~** for me at least ;-)

merry Christmas!
maligayang Pasko!!!

Christian Challenge tonight! E.X.C.I.T.E.D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christmas in my heart and soul, yet with cabin fever ( >_< )

i am so very into barlowgirl's "home for Christmas" album. just ordered it off of amazon yesterday and am meanwhile enjoying the bits of it on myspacemusic. ♥

small group was tonight. we are going through "held in high esteem: women commended by paul." on page 67, there is a great quote lifted from another book, (from john eldredge's "the journey of desire"):

"Something awful has happened; something terrible. Something worse, even than the fall of man. For in that greatest of all tragedies, we merely lost Paradise---and with it, everything that made life worth living. What has happened since is unthinkable: we've gotten used to it."


a line i will chew on for a while.

Monday, September 27, 2010

beyond blessed

since the first post, i now have some work---part-time at least, and, hey: that's a little bit of money coming in as opposed to nothing at all. :) i am grateful though not always cheery that my parents' will still keep me (cabin fever occurs rather often...)

the part-time job: doing the freelance work with my university's international programs i did last semester--> organizing the logistics of trips within the area. basically, i get paid to go on tours with the lovely international students---YEAH!! i picked up my first paycheck this past friday---wahoo.

quick bulletin points of what's gone down in the last month:

-i've seen five movies (back-up plan, the joneses, eclipse, diary of a wimpy kid, and letters to
juliet----the last two films were the "potentially purchasing" kind)
-i completed a comic/craft + short story creation for my dear sister, G-girl
-i turned 25 and got to talk to the object of my affection for a sweet time (he doesn't know..
at least i think he doesn't....)
-i was gifted with the best CD of the moment::: Kaleidoscope Heart of the cool cat, Sara Bareilles
-introduced to Ingrid Michaelson's "Parachute" that i heart
-went to a wedding at which a book i just received for my birthday was quoted from (!)
-drove to Manhattan on my own (=-0)
-Mr. Brown's Iced coffee delightfulness
-Glee====Charice!!!! (aka Sunshine Corazon)
-made 3 lb. of lumpia
-Amazing Race 17====watermelon-to-face lady, you are a trooper!
-Fire King glassware= new like

i hope to post more immediately in the coming days, so as not to accumulate things to type and develop premature arthritis...if that's even a thing......

Venus Raj baklooshes<----love u, for like, FOREVER!!!

quote of the month::::
man to wife: "you are my long lost rib." ♥ ( ^_^ )

shallow blurb::: so i watched BLT's latest U-tube vid and fell in love with her nail color. i scoured the town for the shade. well, my town failed... therefore, i made my own version::: added a similar yet darker blue to some white polish i had----a technique i recalled from high school art class (don't add white to the paint for a lighter shade; add the color to white). well, it totally worked!!! blurb ends

( ^_^ )