Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bummin: istambay habang buhay

since i've had a lot of time on my hands, i've had the grand opportunity to discover and rediscover some music artists i've been lovin' of late.

"discovered" :
-brendan james (via rachael ray's tv show (!))[have a listen to "stupid for your love"--so clever!]
-william fitzsimmons (whatta voice!)

-keane (specifically the album "hopes and fears)
-onerepublic (absolutely love "say (all i need)")
-lady danville

lovin coz of a new record out:
-sara bareilles (kaleidoscope heart)
-brooke fraser (flags)

unconventional "like":
-linkin park's "waiting for the end"---the video is pretty amazing


that's about it for the meantime :)

ps-finally after 25 yr., i have carved a pumpkin/"punkin"! of course, i carved a panda face :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


streaming flags on www.brookefraser.com now. come on, let's have a listen :)
so excited for this musical delight's talent. love ya, brooke!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


discovered today at the farmers' market's "tacqueria"::: sidral mundet's apple soda yumminess :)

Stairway to Heaven
(as digg dubbed it. this is in japan's ''natagiri pass'')
did one of those "randomize your playlist survey" thingies. results of "The Soundtrack of My Life":::

Opening Credits: Glorious One- Hillsong London

Waking Up:Lonestar- Norah Jones

First Day At School:I’ve Got to See You Again-Norah Jones

Falling In Love:Harana- OPM: not sure kung e-heads ba or pne...

Fight Song:Breathless-Corinne

Breaking Up:The Reason- Hoobastank

Prom:Take Me There- Mya/Blackstreet

Life:Piano Variation In Blue---Finding Neverland

Mental Breakdown:Sore Eyes- Brandon Heath

Driving:Where Is Your Heart---Kelly

Flashback:Prologue-Lynn Ahrens

Getting back together:Borrowed Heaven-The Corrs

Wedding:Peggy Gordon- The Corrs

Birth of Child: Came to the Rescue-Hillsong [by far, my FAVORITE result!!]

Final Battle:Selah- Hillsong

Death Scene:Key to My Life- Boyzone

Funeral Song:No Scrubs- TLC

End Credits:Tied Down- Colbie

Oh well, not many really fit...but twas fun :D


moment of cool:


Thursday, September 30, 2010


what's here? i'll get on with that a little later...
this morning, i went on my and my friend's weekly walk to go "exploring" around the city. our latest site, the new: kaw river state park. we went "adventuring" through the woods on a trail and ended up at the railroad tracks. naturally, we went along the tracks swearing we could hear a train approaching, yet proceeding along the tracks nonetheless. i felt like a kid, off gallivanting with a buddy :) FUN! i saw the cutest wee froggy and two animal skeletons....

anyhoo, my.barlowgirl.Christmas.cd.is.here! i know it's about a couple of years old, but i♥it loads. i just ordered it....hmmm....MONDAY!!!! sooo speedy :D it was cheaper to buy off of amazon than popping into hastings to buy it (plus the driving/gas consumed....). currently listening to and enjoying it at the moment of blogging. i was playing josh groban's 'noel' album on my way to my friend's with whom i walk.

~*Christmas*~ is in the air~~~** for me at least ;-)

merry Christmas!
maligayang Pasko!!!

Christian Challenge tonight! E.X.C.I.T.E.D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christmas in my heart and soul, yet with cabin fever ( >_< )

i am so very into barlowgirl's "home for Christmas" album. just ordered it off of amazon yesterday and am meanwhile enjoying the bits of it on myspacemusic. ♥

small group was tonight. we are going through "held in high esteem: women commended by paul." on page 67, there is a great quote lifted from another book, (from john eldredge's "the journey of desire"):

"Something awful has happened; something terrible. Something worse, even than the fall of man. For in that greatest of all tragedies, we merely lost Paradise---and with it, everything that made life worth living. What has happened since is unthinkable: we've gotten used to it."


a line i will chew on for a while.

Monday, September 27, 2010

beyond blessed

since the first post, i now have some work---part-time at least, and, hey: that's a little bit of money coming in as opposed to nothing at all. :) i am grateful though not always cheery that my parents' will still keep me (cabin fever occurs rather often...)

the part-time job: doing the freelance work with my university's international programs i did last semester--> organizing the logistics of trips within the area. basically, i get paid to go on tours with the lovely international students---YEAH!! i picked up my first paycheck this past friday---wahoo.

quick bulletin points of what's gone down in the last month:

-i've seen five movies (back-up plan, the joneses, eclipse, diary of a wimpy kid, and letters to
juliet----the last two films were the "potentially purchasing" kind)
-i completed a comic/craft + short story creation for my dear sister, G-girl
-i turned 25 and got to talk to the object of my affection for a sweet time (he doesn't know..
at least i think he doesn't....)
-i was gifted with the best CD of the moment::: Kaleidoscope Heart of the cool cat, Sara Bareilles
-introduced to Ingrid Michaelson's "Parachute" that i heart
-went to a wedding at which a book i just received for my birthday was quoted from (!)
-drove to Manhattan on my own (=-0)
-Mr. Brown's Iced coffee delightfulness
-Glee====Charice!!!! (aka Sunshine Corazon)
-made 3 lb. of lumpia
-Amazing Race 17====watermelon-to-face lady, you are a trooper!
-Fire King glassware= new like

i hope to post more immediately in the coming days, so as not to accumulate things to type and develop premature arthritis...if that's even a thing......

Venus Raj baklooshes<----love u, for like, FOREVER!!!

quote of the month::::
man to wife: "you are my long lost rib." ♥ ( ^_^ )

shallow blurb::: so i watched BLT's latest U-tube vid and fell in love with her nail color. i scoured the town for the shade. well, my town failed... therefore, i made my own version::: added a similar yet darker blue to some white polish i had----a technique i recalled from high school art class (don't add white to the paint for a lighter shade; add the color to white). well, it totally worked!!! i.love.my.nail.color------------shallow blurb ends

( ^_^ )

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


well, i am still---as of today, the final day of august 2010---unemployed. (=\)
for that reason, this blog was born. in all honesty, this is rather daunting. who should care to read anyway?... well, YOU, apparently ;-).
and so, i thank you ( ^_^ )

i have/had a blog---xanga: nag_e_esepesep---(hence the post's title). though un-visited, un-updated in a good while, i am keeping it just to laugh at my younger self as well as be reminded of God's care for my small, small life.

so, this new blog shall chronicle my job search, my interests---ever changing as they are, and my musings. come, let's journey together :)