Saturday, May 28, 2011

getting back to life and You

well nigh at the halfway point of 2011.
i have resolved many things this midday.
after waking at a late hour of 1000, eating brunch of a rather delicious cranberry and nut muffin confection from the honorable copper oven and some leftover scrambled eggs from mi and ti's breakfast sans moi, showering and a few chores, i decided to get back to Him---capital H, i, the Gaga put it.

i have too long wandered. my mind not focused on the One. my first Love.
not spending time, meeting with my Abba. He, the One who never budges though i distance myself. the One who does not forsake, does not disappoint, does not leave.

Your love alone, oh Lord, endures. It is the only Love that does so.

thank You that You take me back when i feel like a prodigal daughter.

i'm running to Your arms. ♫nothing compares to Your embrace.♪

thank you, hillsong.

thank You, my Jesus, for Your mercy, love, and incomparable faithfulness despite my humanity.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Can someone say long time comin......

as of my previous post, i have:

-epaloyed at my sis' job to see how she rolls as an 'edyookaytor'
-fallen in love with OneRepublic
-three words: Oak Park Mall
-one name: SARA BAREILLES (11.14.10 concert in Lawrence)
-gotten a job, at which i've worked at for nearly half (HALF!!!) a year now!---i am a phlebotomist
-therefore, since i have a job, i've been milkin the health insurance perks that came along with it
-blue planet cafe
-wii's Just Dance
-had THE BEST secret santa at work (;-))----my s.s. was sooo very very generous!!!
-been attending FBC saturday worship services and gotten the privilege of experiencing said worship whilst some of the worship leaders are lovely ladies i happen to know
-a dear friend got married
-my mom had a couple hospitalizations (!!):::God be praised, she is convalescing very well now
-cafe hoppin with Hethe
-the PACK=champs
-i got to be a different friend's M.o.H.
-orange leaf!!
-kim's vietnamese resto
-tscpl music downloads :0)
-mango float
-doing BAAAD with my relationship with my God =(
-You deserve my best, my all!!!


mga balak:::
-mag pa payat na talaga! get away fr the bmi na "overweight"---bawasan ang kanun!
-to get back to my God, my first Love

bring me back to You!

ps: thanks, achie, for reading! hahahah